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Sport Report - Year 7 Rounders

On Thursday we took the year 7's to Haygrove to the final tournament of this season. They were so excited to play because this tournament was the decider to see which team goes through to the Somerset school games as winners.

Our first game was against BCA. We chose to bat first and took a while to get into the swing of things. Our first half rounder came on ball 10 scored by Ferne. after that full rounders and half rounders were flowing. Ferne scored another one, Jazz got 2, Connie 1, Tiff 1, Charlie 1/2, and Morgan 1/2 for 2 no balls and 1/2 on second base. The girls were surprised to have scored so many. BCA struggled to hit Morgans brilliant bowling but did score two good whole rounders. Half was given away on no balls and they only managed to score 3 more halves. The girls were thrilled to win 7-4.

Game 2 was against King Alfs, again we opted to bat first and flew into action straight away, KAS fielders worked hard, and we could only score 4 whole rounders against them, tactical hitting and running saw us score 6 more halves for a total of 7.

Tight fielding and supportive teamwork saw us keep KAS to only 4 rounders.

Game 3 against Haygrove was the decider of the whole season. Haygrove won the toss and unlike them, decided to bat first and put us into the field. The girls were thrown by this as we always choose to bat first. This is so we try to get as many rounders as possible then try to stop the opposition scoring rather than chasing a score. Haygrove scored 3 good whole rounders and 5 halves, with another half being given away for obstruction. We managed to get 5 of their 9 players out with tight fielding and sensible, accurate throwing. Our girls gave their all in the second half of the game, but just couldn't connect with the pacey bowling from Haygrove. Their bowler, backstop and second base were brilliant which prevented us from scoring half rounders at second base. We failed to make any big contact with the ball and unfortunately didn't manage to score.

Final score Haygrove 6- Chilton 0.  

The girls were really disappointed in the final game but they have learned so much in their first season of rounders at Chilton. They are a good little team and have been dedicated in coming to lunchtime practices which shows in the quality of their game play and support for each other.

We are so proud of their effort this year and they go through to the Somerset School games as runners up. They have been an absolute delight to take to every single fixture. Please praise them when you see them.

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