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Sports Report - Football Cup Final Report

In Wednesday afternoon’s shower and cloud, our Year 7 girls football team thrived and thrashed for their chance to lift the cup.

Their spirits were high from the changing rooms to the astro and they quickly dove into a half-pitch game to warm up, all the while talking tactics or nostrils (inside joke).

A particular star in the game was the one in the net. I’m sure it was not just my heart that leapt when a shot was fired at goal, however with the safe hands of Scobie this was unnecessary (apart from on 3 occasions). Without Ava it may have ended 12-1. Maddie and Freya were a solid duo in defence also, getting back when they needed to and working together. You can not fault the determination of these girls.

Haygrove scored the first goal in the first half and at half time Mia said that ‘as soon as we get one goal and equalise then we will be away’ – she was right. Refereeing when your team scores is a funny one because I wanted to cartwheel but thought I better not.

The opponent’s second goal came quickly, but our team’s heads did not go down. Ebony and Grace tried every opportunity to turn and face and get the ball towards the goal for the other to run on to, however Haygrove were lucky to get the advantage.

With time running out and the rain still coming down, Chilton should have equalised and Paige had some great shots. Fortunately for Haygrove they slipped in another goal. 8 minutes left, and I was proud to see that Chilton were still playing as if it was 0-0 and they really wanted the win. I know that this attitude will get them very far on the pitch and off.

The game finished 3-1 to Haygrove. Chilton’s response to Chadders’ promise of pizza delivery felt like they may as well have won the cup! Haygrove were very gracious winners and a fair match, myself and Chadders agreed.

This is a very promising group of young sportspeople, who represent Chilton in all activities offered to them. You can see the friendships which have formed will last beyond their school years. As football goes, their future is also bright as next year they will be playing combined with the 9’s and have even more matches and another chance to see their name on the cup.

Thank you to the supporters who came out despite the rain, it would be great to have more appearances at home games!

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