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Sports Report - It's a frustrating game

The latest instalments to the football calendar is from the year 8 boys. Under the new managing duo of Suik and Webb we instilled some much needed fire into the year 8 team with nineteen attending the first training session.


Game 1 Chilton Vs Blake

Feeling confident that we were in with a chance against Blake this year our dreams were partly shattered when the list of ill students came in on the match day morning. A total 5 of our starting 11 were off ill, but under the hard working captaincy of Archie Date he rallied the troops and got some extra boots on the field.

A tough start to the game saw the visitors on our door step for much if the first half. However, after Date opening the scoring with an exceptional break away goal we were winning and playing well. There was a great deal of back and forth in the last 10min including with 2 goals from Blake and then one goal from Owen Richardson on the stroke of half time. HT(2-2).

In the second half the visitors scored early (2-3) but the boys kept plugging away in defence and midfield. Their efforts were rewarded with consistent offense and a Date goal 3 minutes from time.

Final score 3-3


Game 2 Chilton Vs BCA

A tough game against BCA with our squad at full strength this time found us playing with the gale force winds the first half, this helped a through ball to Archie Date to score early on. However, our lead was short lived after some shocking defence from a corner kick leaving the ball bobble 'unchallenged' to the feet of their striker (1-1) (the less said about that the better).Fortune was shining down on Archie Date yet again as he managed to find the back of the net, but our lead was snatched from us just before half time. (2-2).

The reason why BCA won the league last year was shown in full force in the second half, they had much of the possession through better passing and fast passages of play 'Score'(2-3). With the wind against us our lofted passing missed their mark and we were closed down very quickly on all areas of the pitch, the two central defenders also quickly zoned in on Datey stopping many of our attacks. The final nail in the coffin was a massive out of hand kick from their goalie, a lucky bounce over our central defenders and goal from their striker.

Final Score 2-4 BCA


In both games the boys played with great heart but luck was on there side this time. Roll on next terms fixture.

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