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Sports Report - Rounders Tournament Year 9

A ropey start to the tournament tonight for the year 9 rounders squad against BCA - unusual for the girls, who have championed every game this season. Maybe their anticipation for Love Island starting tonight? Hope not.

Out of the routine '20 good balls', we managed to score a feeble 4 and a half; Phoebe (2), Lemmy (1), Morgan (half) and Holly (half).

The match remained close thanks to a few redeeming moments, such as a fantastic throw from Phoebe (backstop) to Eloise (second base) after a backwards hit from the batter. This particular pitch backed on to King Alfred's sand pit, which Phoebe got the hang of going in to!

BCA were tactful at risking runs to second base, scoring them mainly halves - something Chilton needs to improve next time. 

Thankfully this first game of the tournament finished a draw - 4 and a half each! The girls were openly shocked at their own performance in comparison with the previous weeks, and were determined to 'bring it back'....

.....which they did! A 3-1 and a half win over Blake next gave the girls a confidence boost - batting still not up to the squad's usual standard, however their fielding did tighten up.

First to bat as always was Lemmy, who scored a rounder; the others were halves from Jodi, Morgan with a well-risked run to second and Eloise with a cracking hit between first and second.

Abi shone when it was our turn to field - 'that was the quickest I've ever ran' she said, after stopping a huge hit from getting past second base.

Summer returned to her normal fast bowling for this game, giving each opponent less chance to hit where they would have liked. She also made a catch in her box, straight off the bat without blinking.

This game Chilton managed to get 5 of Blake's 8 players out by the end. A huge hit from Blake on ball 20 had them celebrating, although Chilton went away with the win.

On to game 3 against home team King Alf's!

Rounders scored by Morgan (2), Eloise (blinder, 1cm from 1st base), Abi, Kaiti and the halves, Lemmy, and Summer. Holly brought out stronger hits in game 3.

Really good fielding this game: the first batter was out thanks to Summer. Good communication between Abi and Eloise. A great stop by Morgan on ball 10 followed by accurate pass to Eloise, who in one swift movement got the runner out at second, scoring nothing.

A clear win 7 and a half - 2 for Chilton!!

Finally, the game we always want to win, the finale...Haygrove. 

Whole rounders scored; Lemmy (first out the stalls and never disappoints), Morgan, Eloise (Miss Evans nearly hit), Summer, Kaiti. Halves scored; Morgan, Eloise, Holly and Abi. A strong score of 7 and a hopeful start to the match - Haygrove knew what they had to beat.

Gasps were heard when one of Haygroves strongest batters hit towards the tree tops and it looked like a guaranteed full rounder. Jodi on the other hand, did not think so, and with an even stronger arm managed to get it to fourth base - leaving Haygrove's player clutching third.

A few more impressive and accurate throws which kept Hayroves scores away - Holly to Eloise particularly. Morgan and Jodi nearly collided both trying to catch a high ball, which caused a fumble, but luckily Eloise was their to support and stumped her out at second.

A triumphant win for Chilton with 7-2 and a half.

Well done to the girls - a great sense of fun among the group as well as the focus needed to win. 2 more tournaments to go this season, I know they can do it!!

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