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Sports Report - Rugby Years 9 and 10 v Hargrove

We took a mixed team of year 9 and 10 students over to Haygrove for a friendly match in anticipation for next weeks year 10 match. This was a tough game for the boys who were playing as Haygrove's year 9's usually win games comfortably and get to the county finals. 

We arrived with 14 players after a delay with the mini bus, some last minute replacements stepping up to fill the slots. The game started off very physical with us kicking to haygrove and within a few minuets both teams knew it was going to be a tough game. with an early injury to Joe Salter CHilton went down to 13, but Jacob HF arrived to bolster the numbers back to 14. both teams decided to drop the full back and no kicking to encourage a running game. ( more accustom to proper rugby, Rugby league) within a few minuites haygrove span the ball out wide and scored another try. With some encouragement from Mr Caulfield of run straight and get low the boys had a new lease of life and took to the pitch with Gusto. From the Scrum the big number 8 Leyton LM took it blind running over their winger in the process to the try line. Chilton were again spurred on with that and good tackles and rucking were put in by Josh Stephenson, Travis Luke and Logan Cox. With Chilton in control Romano H commanded the back line well and span the ball down the line to Ashley Francis who with a turn of pace left the opposition for dust to score in the corner Chilton leading at half time 12-10.

After words of encouragement from the expert coaches the second half got underway with pressure at both ends of the pitch. Big runs and yards were made by Jack Baker, Peter Osguthorpe and fine scrum work by the forwards held haygrove for a good portion of the second half. But missed tackles on their key runners started to cost us points. Chilton responded well with 2 more tries in the second half but it was a little late with the final score ending up at 32-24 to Haygrove. We were very proud of everyone who stepped up and played showing real guts and determination. 

Man of the match to Leyton Le Maitre for his performance both running and tackling, closely followed by Josh Stephenson (who only agreed to play at lunch) he showed excellent tackling ability and a never give in attitude.

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