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Sports Report - SEN Boccia Tournament

On Monday, Makiala and I took the three lovelies pictured (Nicole Day, Josiah Nicholas and Michael Page) to Exeter for their Regional Boccia competition.

Nicole and Michael had a quick snooze on the way to the tournament, conserving energy for the day, whilst Josiah informed us of interesting motorway facts😁

The students were nervous, but really excited for the day and enthusiastic for their chosen prize from me should they win the tournament ( a full McDonalds meal!)

Our first game was against Kings 2. After waiting at the court for several minutes for a Boccia set we got going. Only four ends were played in this tournament due to the lack of time and amount of games to be played. The team lost their first game 2-7 without having time to get into the swing of things.

Game two saw us play Landsgore, after 4 ends it was a draw so we had to play a decider, we were 1 up on the penultimate ball and Nicole saved the day with a fantastic shot to win 5-3.

Game three versus Hayle Academy was decided by the tournament umpire being called and having to measure the Boccia balls closest to the jack. His decision gave us a 3-2 win.

Game 4 was against our local ish rivals Westfield Academy. We had played them in previous tournaments and got on well with them. They showed us no mercy and thrashed us 0-12. we decided to put that game out of our heads and battle on.

The next game we were very disappointed to lose against Westfield Arts College. No tournament organiser was available to give the final decision so we lost 2-3 due to extremely questionable measuring 😢

Heads went down after that and even lollies weren't able to give the boost needed to win,

We suffered defeats by Threeways, 0-7, (Then only 2 ends were played to to time running out) Saram, 0-4 and finally Kings 1, 0-7.

The children were an absolute joy to take away and they thoroughly enjoyed the day.

I believe that we came fourth overall, so that's pretty impressive for 3 year 7's in a regional tournament! Please congratulate them when you see them.

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