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Sports Report - The Drama of Year 7 Football

Here follows is the first match report of the year 7 football team. As we stepped on to the field of dreams (Robert Blake 3G sport field), students came running up to me in frenzy. "Sir Logan is injured, someone stood on his ankle and hand, he can't play", I rush over to find him grasping his ankle and clearly not happy. After frantic investigation it transpires that Logan was sat on the floor putting his boots on and Oscar; not looking where he was going, tipped over him and stood on the both his foot and hand (No students were permanently harmed in this act). 

Funnily enough, this mountain of drama set the tone for this evening matches. Chilton's A and B team were set and ready to go. However.......

A Game - Blake's A team were on us from the out set. A fast start caught us napping in defence and their nippy striker slotted the first goal in in under a minute. 

B Game - A more controlled and tempered game where both teams were feeling each other out. Jenson Burney was solid in goal and dealt with a long shot at ease. Kacper K and Poitr Kucia linked well with Archie Peacock and Nathan Coney in mid-field, but they could not stretch Blake enough to make a breakthrough just yet. 

A Game - Blake A were continuing to pressure our defensive players and their two strikers used pin point accurate passing to create more options, this paid off with another goal 10 minutes in.  Our lads were playing really good football but we still seemed to get shut down by their back three. Credit should be given to Micky M Smith, Jakub Bogucki and Oscar Dabrowski, they were throwing everything they could at them just to be shut down at the last pass. 

B Game - I hear a cheer, it's not from us. Blake have scored. The boys had been running their socks off but one had slipped through the defensive net, Jenson had stopped one shot but the deflection only fell to another Blake player (0-1). But it did not deter them, here followed some the best football from Nathan Coney, Emeka Nmai and Tavonga Zizhou i had seen. They moved the ball with precision on a great counter attack. Out to the left wing to Archie and the ball came to rest in the back of the net. (1-1).   

Half Time

A Game - Blake were smelling blood and pushed up even more in the second half. However, this did leave them open at the back. Logan sending the ball to the wing to find Evan, then to Micky to run and then thread it to Oscar and a powerful strike to miss left of the post. This chain of events was enough to get the team going again. 

B game - A second goal to Blake (1-2), but we were still in it. Henry Vaughan was fantastic down the right wing. He was supplying crosses into the box and through balls with such consistency that Nathan, Tavonga and Archie were peppering the goalie. However, it was the counter attack from the defence that provided the ball for Archie to nut meg the goal to it level (2-2). His celebration was a little over the top in my opinion.   

Both teams showed their worth in very different circumstances. Blake A scored 3 more goals to make it 5-0 to the host. Archie did a fantastic dive (10 out of 10), the ref actually gave a free kick. Henry provided another great cross that Tavonga almost got a toe to (probably would have scored if his shoe laces were done up) (2-2). But a great platform to build on. 


Well done lads. 

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