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Sports Report - U14 girls county hockey

A sunny day at the beautiful venue at Kings College, Taunton  saw our yr 9 girls experience the next level of hockey! Playing mainly against private school teams who train for 3 afternoons  and play a match every weekend ,  who also have completed a week of 'preseason' 2 hr sessions at the beginning of term,  this was bound to be a challenge.  

The girls were up for it and set out for each of their 6 x20 min games with a fantastically positive attitude. Each game saw them battle hard, learn from their opposition and develop their game play. There were moments of amazing individual skill-Morgan E and In later games , Charlotte H in goal made jaw dropping saves; Ferne H shimmied through several defenders to try and get into shooting positions, Alice led by example- working hard and creating openings into attack; Katie D growing in confidence tackling hard , Alesha H cleverly and tirelessly closing down the opposition and gaining ground in attack; the defenders-Charlotte L, Tiffany O, Amy G and Charlotte H clearing ball time after time, Jazz as midfielder and then in defence covering the middle and making superb tackles and distributing the ball into attack, Lucy S ,  Jenny, Angeline, Chloe and Jess patiently and constantly moving into space to receive any scraps allowed into the forward play. Despite only  1 draw  Many staff commented on the determination and huge potential of the girls. I was immensely proud of how they conducted themselves. They never forgot the ' niceties' of the game such as thanking the officials and giving 3 cheers and shaking hands( unlike some of their opponents) and were great ambassadors. A few ' scouts' were interested too. 

This experience will hold them good stead for the rest of our local hockey season.!!

Please give them a pat on the back when you bump into them, ask Charlotte L about her bruises and Charlotte Halley about her foot that seemed to stop the strong strikes of one girl 3/4 times in a row, Alice about her thumb and all of them about the Christmas singing in the the bus ALL the way home through rush hour traffic!

A brilliant set of girls...

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