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Sports Report - Year 10 Rounders

On Tuesday the year 10 Rounders team travelled to Haygrove for the very first tournament of the season. The girls were excited to get going, knowing they have a title to defend from last year. 6 year 10's and 3 year 9's decided to bat first. Haygrove's bowling was sure and steady and the girls struggled to make contact with the ball or even get it out of the diamond when they did. Our first score came on ball 10 with a fantastic hit from Lemmy out into open field- she could have almost walked round, it went so far. Several half rounders followed and a couple of whole ones scored by Heloise. Haygrove kept their fielding tight and we scored a respectable 4.5 rounders. 

Haygrove were up for the challenge and started scoring almost immediately, but the Chilton fielders kept their heads and calmly brought the ball back into the diamond. Haygrove were hitting the ball just far enough to score sneaky half rounders here and there to keep theor tally rising. We made a couple of important catches to get some of their big hitters out. Two cracking hits over the heads of our fielders sealed the deal and Haygrove won 6-4.5

Our second game was against Robert Blake. Choosing to bat first again meant we could relax and hit rounders without having to chase a score. Blake's fielding wasn't really on point, but we did score some awesome rounders- hitting into spaces between fielders and sprinting determinedly around the bases. We capitalised on Blake's misfields by taking our chances with half rounders, bringing our total to 9. Chilton's fielding was superb throughout the 20 good balls, only allowing Blake to score half through their one reasonable hit. Summer bowled consistently well, varying the height and speed of the ball to confuse the batters. Final score 9- 0.5 to Chilton.

Game 3 was against King Alfreds- usually a friendly game, but KAS were up for a battle, only having 7 players. Batting first, Chilton scored some classic rounders, hitting the ball away from any of the sparse fielders. Chilton were smart at running to second and notching up half rounders easily due to the slow fielding from KAS. Score 7. 

KAS came into bat knowing they had a lot to do. Giving them credit, they didn't give up- running sensibly when they could. Our fielding was outstanding on occasions, superb catches being made by Jazz and Morgan, taking out two of their more effective hitters. A couple of mistakes gave KAS 1.5 rounders but we held the to 5.5 rounders. Chilton 7- KAS 5.5


A lovely evening spent with the girls saw us second in the first tournament of the season. Well done.

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