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Sports Report - Year 10 Rounders

On Tuesday we hosted the final rounders tournament of the season for year 10.


Game 1 v BCA

We opted to bat first but struggled to connect with the bowling. Because we couldn't hit the ball we obviously struggled to score. We only scored half a rounder on the very last ball.

BCA came out hitting hard and far. We were beaten after the second ball. Rounders were scored by hits going over our fielders heads and accurately into spaces. They scored a well deserved 6. Game 1, loss.😢



Choosing to bat first again, to try to score enough rounders for them to chase, worked to our advantage. Haygrove fielders were expecting us to be walloping the ball out into the field as their fielders were so far out. Little taps here and there provided us with lots of half rounders as the fielders had to sprint in to get the ball. Jess belted a couple which resulted in full rounders. Quite an achievement to score 6.5 rounders against Haygrove. Haygrove batted well, but our fielding skills suddenly kicked in- balls were picked up and thrown accurately to Aleigha on second to prevent many half rounders. The team backed each other up and were full of positive comments in the field. By ball 15 of 20 we were 'IN THE LEAD BY HALF A ROUNDER AGAINST HAYGROVE!!' As the balls were bowled and they failed to score, I had to ask Harriet to add up the scores whilst I was umpiring to check my maths. Sure enough, 1 ball to go and they needed half to draw, 1 to win. Most NAIL BITING last ball of the season!! The Haygrove batter connected with the ball, (not brilliantly) But we made a mistake in the field, too late to get the ball to second but we prevented another run to third. Only half a rounder scored! A draw 6.5-6.5. We witnessed the best performance/score in year 10's battle against Haygrove. The girls were so pleased. Eva's mum nearly burst a blood vessel while supporting from the side. A great performance.


Game 3 v KAS

The girls were so hyped up from the previous game that they lost a bit of concentration- they lacked connection with the ball and running power. (we will blame some of it on the heat) We scored a measly 4 rounders. KAS started well but couldn't keep up the momentum. They weren't too enthusiastic with their running and we kept plugging away to prevent their batters reaching second. A close game,but we came away victorious winning 4-3.


The girls have been dedicated to their practices, with many turning up each lunchtime. they haven't had too many wins this season, but they have stuck together and not given up. Well done in your last rounders season at Chilton.

Squad: Iona N, Tiana T, Aleigha PC, Eva S, Xena NM, Paula S, Jess S, Olivia K, Angel CS, India H, Amelia L, Polly H, Emily W.

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