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Sports Report - Year 10 Rounders

Our year 10 rounders team travelled to BCA tonight for their next round of matches. They appeared at 3pm very downbeat as there had been a few late drop outs and therefore they only had 6 out of 9 players. They discussed as a team and made the decision that they wanted to go for participation points and that they would try their best, which Alli and I were really proud of.

The first game was against BCA and Mia was a late call up who met us there to give the girls 7 players. Louisa was on fire (and very lucky) and scored 3 amazing rounders! The girls managed to make a total of five at the end of their 20 balls, which was fantastic. They knew what they had to do, and with some excellent movement in the field from Katie, Mia with great hands on second post, and some good bowling from Hannah, BCA only scored the total of one rounder.
Final score: Chilton: 5  BCA: 1.

The next game was against Haygrove, who were strong. The girls made some risky runs, resulting in them getting out early on, but some good hits managed to score Chilton two half rounders during their batting innings. Haygrove's fielding was exceptionally tight and they did not perform many miss-fields. Chilton then went to field and Haygrove scored several half rounders from their big hitters. Chilton only performed one misfield which resulted in a rounder, but overall their fielding was excellent. A really strong Haygrove batting side scored 4 and a half rounders. This was an unlucky loss for the girls and had they not got out early on, it would have been even closer.
Final score: Chilton: 1  Haygrove: 4 and a half

The final game was again King Alfred's. Chilton batted first and there were some excellent rounders scored from Mia and Tia. The girls batting was strong and they were able to score several half rounders, thinking about their running well in order to score the points. They finished their innings with the high score of 5 and a half! Chilton were now fielding, and they needed to be as tight as possible. With only 7 in the field, it was much easier said than done, but the whole team were fantastic. Jess was a consistently good backstop and was able to make decisions quickly, with all of the girls helping each other out during the game. It felt close and the girls were not sure of the result as they shook hands.
Final score: Chilton: 5 and a half KAS: 2

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