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Sports Report - Year 7 Boy Futsal Tournament

This afternoon seven of our year 7 boys football team competed in their first ever futsal tournament. Chilton hosted the event with four visiting schools.

Squad Ollie Manchip, Tristan Onslow, Alex Taylor, Ellis Ganicott, Toby Gaugh, Josh Deane, Matt Tobin (GK).

Game 1

Our first game was against Haygrove and the boy made a solid start, but their shots on goal were unfortunately were blocked off by a very sharp Haygrove defence. It became clear to that the pace of futsal compared to regular football was so much faster and playing it safe just did not cut it.  We owned the territory of the game, this was mainly due to Alex Taylor and our goalie Matt was not significantly challenged because of the defensive efforts of Ellis and Toby but it still ended a draw.

Chilton 0-0 Haygrove 

Game 2

Next up was KAS. Sadly our lads were out classed in a recent encounter with them a couple of weeks ago so there was a score to settle. KAS were on the attack from the outset and unfortunately were awarded an early goal with their efforts to take the lead. With the Chilton boys still reeling from the last goal KAS began to close us down even faster, which was the best thing they could have done. Their willingness to push forward them exposed giving Tristan more space to worry their goalie and pepper him with shots. However, a lucky bounce for KAS up the other end moments later gave KAS a 2-0 lead. We very nearly had our first goal with a Josh Deane break way but his shot drifted wide of the post. However, we were on the attack again now having found top gear. Tristan linked up a fantastic pass to Alex Taylor who sank the ball in the top corner pocket. Sadly the final whistle sounded from ref Chadwick and this one was chalked up to experience.

Chilton 1-2 KAS (Score not settled)

Games 3

Blake. After regrouping and good old sit down our lads had a plan and were off the starting blocks running. We were playing with much more intensity now. Ollie 'the humming bird' Manchip was whizzing around their defence to spoil any pass in his vicinity. A momentary lapse did send Blake up by one goal but we made them pay for it not long after. After simply telling Ollie to "goal hang, turn and then shoot" he opened the scoring by doing just that, then out of nowhere he did the same thing again (2-1 Chilton). But this was not the end; some Michael Flatley foot work led Alex Taylor to find the back of the net to make it 3-1. Blake did bounce back in the dying moments by sneaking one past Matt but too little too late.

Chilton 3-2 Blake

Game 4

Our final game was against BCA and this was the game the boys had been waiting for. Teammates outside of school had now become heated rivals. The challenges were implemented with such intent it would have been worthy of a prize fight. Josh was tasked with man marking BCA's key striker who was becoming redder in the face with frustration due to his inability to hit the target. The trio of Ollie, Tristan and Alex had proved its worth and was functioning almost telepathically. Chadwicks call of one minute left sent the three into overdrive. With relentless pressure BCA could not string more than two passes before it was snatched from their grasp and a shot was taken on their goal. It paid off! Ollie sank the ball in the back of the net and the final whistle went.

Chilton 1-0 BCA

Our final tournament position was second to KAS, so fingers crossed we may get into the next round.

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