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Sports Report - Year 7 Football Final Against KAS

After the fantastic performance from the year 7 A team squad two weeks ago against BCA (3-1), the boys secured their place in the district final against KAS. Earlier on in the season Chilton played host to KAS and were unfortunately out matched in that game, losing to KAS 5 goals to 2. Our only saving grace was that a couple of key players had suffered injuries and were unable to play in that fixture. This gave the boys the confidence that if they were to play them again a win could be on the cards.

We had worked out our game plan to the finest of details, a three-two-one formation with Matthew Tobin in goal and Ollie Manchip at the tip of the spear up front. Tristan and Alex Taylor in mid field to supply Manchip quality ball and our starting back three included Max Bradley (LB), Toby Gough (CB) and Ellis Ganicott (RB). Waiting in the wings was Josh Deane and Ben Evans to supply fresh legs.

The whistle went and they were off. At this point I was not exactly paying attention for the first 5 seconds but I did the see the bit when Ollie scored (left boot) nut megging the goalie 6 seconds later (the fastest goal I have seen in years) (1-0) (11 seconds). Things settled down into a fantastic game for Chilton but not so for KAS, the boys passing was spot on and Alex was supplying Tristan and Ollie fantastic ball to pressure their defence. Our back three were keeping KAS at bay in every aspect through fast thinking and even faster reactions. This left Matthew with not much to do in goal for the first half. Tristan and Alex continued to dominate the mid field and supplied Ollie with another goal scoring pass five minutes later (2-0). Having found our groove KAS could not break through nor stop our attacks and before half time Tristan chipped a perfect pass through their defence for Manchip to score again(3-0).

HT Chilton 3-0 KAS

A quick drink and some insightful word from Coach Webb and they were back on the field of dreams at this point. Josh Deane took over at right back, Max moved to centre back and Ben Evens came on at left back. This gave Toby and Ellis a chance to rest up for 15 minutes to come for the last 5 minutes. KAS came out guns blazing pushing forward and passing with more confidence. This did force us to play more defensively but the man who dealt with all in a calm and composed was goalie Matthew Tobin. With 5 shots on goal within five minutes from KAS made us compress into our own half giving us no attacking option. However, when Ollie remembered he was a striker and pushed up he got on the end of a stray ball beat the goalie one on one (4-0). At this point our supporting parents were asking me if I had been approached about the Arsenal Job. To which I replied “they couldn’t afford me”. There was five minutes left Ollies goal put the brakes on KAS attack. Josh Deane was supplying quality ball to Ollie down the right wing, no one was watching Tristan as Ollie slipped great cross for him to best the goalie for his first goal of the match (5-0). We were now in the dying minutes of the game and the right wing was proving to be open for Josh, Alex and Ollie to link a final string of passes together. Ollie stepped their left back leaving only the goalie. A faint from Ollie left the keeper spilled on the ground as he dribbled the ball around him for a tap in.

Full Time Chilton 6-0 KAS

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