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Sports Report - Year 7 Rugby @ KAS

Year 7 Match Report – Tournament 4.

Our final round robin tournament was hosted by our newly established arch rivals King Alfred’s School.

The boys arrived with a positive mind set and were straight into warm up drills on arrival. We were limited by only being able to take 15 man squad on the mini bus with KAS having 22+ squad being at home.

Chilton Vs Blake

Our first game was against Blake who we had previously played and comfortably beat 50-10 a fortnight ago. The game played out in similar fashion with early tries from O Manchip, A Higgins, O Manchip (again) and M Bradley. The squad looked good; finding gaps in Blake’s defensive line and exploiting their weaknesses on the fringes. The boys kept the pressure on with great work in contact from K Escott and L Redwood turning over a great of Blake’s possession. Ollie found the gap one last time with some side steps worth of strictly come dancing and sealed the deal with another try at the end of the game.

Chilton 30-5 Blake

Chilton Vs BCA

Our last game with BCA was tense, competitive and a nail biter for the spectators (5-0 Chilton win). This game was no exception, a highly charged powerful encounter. BCA were taller, physically stronger and their key strike runners were giants to some of our boys. However, Chilton had hearts of lions and acted like so, much like the pack of lions taking down the elephant in the BBC’s Planet Earth series. Our defence dealt with their big hitters for 4 minutes when an ace turnover from D Warren, K Escott and J Deane gave the backs the opportunity to break their line, this led to a team attack from B Bradley, L Redwood and finally O Manchip to score the first try. (5-0).

BCA were back on the attack again and this time they did a much better attempt of protecting the ball. This began to put our defensive line in disarray and after eight phases of play BCA scored (5-5). Still reeling from the onslaught the boys got caught napping and BCA took it to us again breaking our line (5-10).

All was not lost we had beat BCA twice already and our main objective was to beat KAS on their turf, but the game was not over. The boys regrouped for one last attack, recycling the ball phase after phase led by the twin towers of L Sutton and D Warren. A quick spin wide to M Bradley and a 30m sprint down the touch line to draw the match (10-10)

Great Game Chilton 10-10 BCA

Chilton Vs KAS

I think KAS wanted to play us last knowing we had a limited squad and they had lots of fresh legs, but our boys were fit and ready. The whistle went and they were off, but the boys were ready this time and no quarter was given. Matched in size but we wanted it more, Chilton hammered into the breakdown winning most of the opening rucks, credit must go to A Higgins, F Gogolin, W Gorvin and J Deane for putting their bodies on the line to retain the ball. Our plan was working, run straight, tackle hard, and capitalise on their mistakes. One such opening was created on the left wing with great passing from J Jewson and W Bale finally falling to M Bradley dancing on the touch line to score the opening try (5-0). KAS kept much better care of the ball for the next four minutes, edging forward break down after break down. This sucked our backs into the fray leaving them with an overlap, KAS scored (5-5)!  A quick restart to regain the lead did not go to plan after the ball popped out of a ruck to a KAS hand, their key player was sprinting down the right wing with only yards to the try line when Ollie smashed him into touch which silenced the KAS on lookers (KAS spectator quote “He just smashed our best player, how can we beat them?”)

Now we had possession and the backs including L Redwood and E Gannicott ran the ball smart, not getting isolated from the team and making dynamic runs. The likes of F Gogolin and D Warren were there to bowl over the KAS players after contact was made. The team effort created the opening for Ollie to go ‘all strictly on them’, a side step show that the spectators found difficult to follow the dying light. Score (10-5).

Chilton 10-5 KAS

Well done Boys. Training is on Tuesday

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