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Sports Report - Year 7 Rugby Vs Haygrove & Brymore

Our year 7 boys’ rugby team took to the field for the last time this season at Bridgwater Albian Rugby ground. After a long layoff and no games since last year the boys were eager to get back out there and test their skills.

Our first game was against Haygrove School and there were fireworks from the outset. Chilton, led by the driving force of Ashley Higgins and Ollie Manchip put attacking pressure on Haygrove with multiple phases of play pushing them back to a 5 metre ruck from their own line, but it was amazing how quickly the tables turned. Our dominance had led to sloppy realignment and ‘that’ ruck 5 metres from the line was our unlucky one. The ball popped out the side of the ruck into the hands of Haygroves key strike runner (a blonde kid). He had a great deal of pace that took our lads by surprise, Ollie and Ashley gave chase but they were on the other side of the pitch and only dragged him down after he crossed our try line (0-5). We battled back straight from the restart but Haygroves defence held. Half time.

After a few changes before the second half, we were back out there hoping to correct our mistakes. We worked as a team unit in the second half; Kai Escott and Filip Gogglin proved their worth in the breaks downs as well as the Bradley twins and Will Stevens making some outstanding runs through the middle of the Haygrove squad. All of these effort combined showed our dominance but we lacked the quick passing wide to beat the fringes of their defence. Credit to Josh Deane for his aggressive tackling although out the game, he must remember however not clothes line his oppositions twice or the WWE will be calling. After the game I asked the boys if they enjoyed the challenge, their battered and tired smiles said it all. Roll on game two.

Chilton 0-5 Haygrove

Our second game was against Brymore. With only minutes rest we were back on the field but missing a key player. Ollie suffered a leg injury and was forced to sit out the second game to his annoyance. However, the boys do listen to instructions (most of the time) and this was one of those occasions. Our realignment had more structure and players were defending more indigently both in the backs and in the breakdowns. Leighton Redwood and Joe Jewson did their part holding Brymore at bay in the backs. Once we became more comfortable, our teams’ dynamic creativity began to remerge. Ashley Higgins received a quick three pass combo and with the extra space on the outside to gun it over the line. 5-0 half time.

The second half continue as the first half had ended, the squad worked as a unit supplying the ball to Will Bale who made significant yards before begin tackled, but Dan Warren and Liam Sutton on hand to steam roller the opposition off the ball and ensure we retained possession. Eirimas Krupovis continued his power plays besting six Brymore players to make the score 10-0 and shortly after Ashley scored to top it off after Lewis Randle and Jay Kearle laid the ground work by drawing their opponents to create the space.

Chilton 15-0 Brymore

A fantastic season from this year 7 team and we have not seen their best yet.

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