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Sports Report - Year 7 Rugby

The year 7 rugby team travelled to Haygrove for the latest instalment of the league calendar. Haygrove hosted three schools during the afternoon Brymore, KAS and Chilton.


Games 1

Our first game was against Haygrove. Having played Haygrove last term the boys were introduced to a tough and physical team, this did not change here. The boys were pushed onto the back foot with consistent advances by Haygrove players. Credit to Nathan Coney and Logan Wimpenny for leading at the front with multiple tackles to try and keep Haygrove at bay. However, drawing upon their skills Haygrove began to link passes wide of our defensive to score three trys over the course of a three minute period. We learned some tough lessons again but never giving up we held them off our line multiple times but just could not convert our efforts into points on the board. 

Haygrove 20-0 Chilton


Game 2 

We had learned some lessons from our first match and this game began positively with Kane Markell weaving between the Brymore players, but it was then time for our second weakness to rear its ugly head. We had gained valuable territory after three of even four great phases through the likes of Arron Sewell and Jack Staunton, our hard work was undone when Brymore stole the ball from the breakdown found a gap and stormed to open the scoring. Having seen our weakness in the breakdown, they exploited this tactic a number of times, this frustrated our players because we had drilled this training only recently. Our hard work and determination did pay off at the end of the match. Linking great runs from Kayn and Arron, Nathan finally used some sweet footwork to slips the Brymore defence scoring our only try at the end of the game. 

Brymore 25-5 Chilton


Game 3 

Our final match was against KAS and it was this game that the boys really began to perform. Leading the charge was Nathan Coney yet again. However, he was this time supported by other key players in the squad. Alfie Lees, Tyrone Onojaife and Ryan Cooper all vital parts to play in our first try. Ryan was able to break their line to open the scoring. This spurred other players like Natty Krakowiacki and Tyler Isaacs to get stuck into the rucks securing more key phase. Efforts resulted in Nathan going over the line to score our second (10-0). It seemed at point a win was on the books but a rather fast, tall and powerful KAS player had other ideas. It seemed he was briefly possessed by the late great Jonah Lomu and ran through five players to one and then two trys. Not to worry because Ryan Cooper came to rescue the team. Choosing to use the time honoured method of running all over the place, he finally found a gap to slip through and take the lead again. He did have to retire with a dead leg at this point. Thinking the game must be over at this point, we were disappointed yet again one more passage of play from KAS. KAS moved the ball admiralty very wide or our last man and to our dismay crossed the line resulted in the equalizing try. 



Another great lesson in hard work and determination. Our next game is in two weeks time and training will be on Tuesday next week. All squad players need to make to training (important things to go through). 

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