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Sports Report - Year 8 Boys Football, worthy of the final

Away at King Alfred school for what was our final game of the season for the year 8 football team and what a game it was! A thrilling and tense game that I'll fail to capture in words but here I go.

A warm spring afternoon welcomed us upon our arrival at King Alf's school. With Doris a distant memory captain Archie Date led the team on to the battle ground. Playing on the all weather pitch made it a fast and lively game, fast break away attacks and counter attacks were the order of the day. Both teams had chances early on, but the 'Mighty' Joe Leg fended off the their attacks with ease.

I'd now like to take this opportunity to thank our transfer manager Mr T Williams for securing our two new signings to the team. Joining within the transfer window Jack Osborne (mid-field) and Liam Wilson (striker) made a fantastic impact in their opening game for the team. They settled into their roles well linking with teammates for some spectacular football. Unfortunately King Alf's opened the scoring 5 minutes before half time but the team rallied together setting up 'New signing' Jack Osborne to put us on the board. (HT 1-1)

In the second half we continued our pressure and in turn so did King Alf's. Many close chances by both teams could have sealed a win for either of them. It was our other new signing by Mr Williams who stepped up, with a wonderful bit of footwork Liam Wilson scored mid in the second half giving us the lead. King Alf's were back straight away knocking on our woodwork but between Leg, Date and Lewis we held them off. Our attacks continued and then out of nowhere a bodged clearance but King's Liam seizing the chance with a bicycle kick scoring in the top left of the goal with applause from around the ground (3-1). 10 minutes left King Alf's were throwing everything at us and it paid off, 3-2 with minutes to go. We kept pressure on them, great work by Owen to stress their defence in dying minutes, but a clean effort by King's striking pair beat our defence and got past the mighty Leg (3-3).

A tough season with 3 draws and a lose, but with definite positives being the better team in all our draws. Looking forward to next season.

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