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Sports Report - Year 8 Rounders Results

Tonight, Lorraine and I took the year 8's to Blake to play the second round of Rounders! The girls were really enthusiastic to play as they came away top in the last tournament. (And I think the vast amounts of Maoams and squashies on the bus added to their excitement!)

We played Blake first. The girls got straight on with their task and scored three from the first 5 balls. Admittedly part of that score was given to us in no balls, but we didn't mind! The girls batted well and capitalised on the loose fielding from Blake, and we scored another 5 good rounders, we held a massive lead of 12.5 before Blake batted. Blake were unable to connect fully with extremely pacey bowling from Morgan and could only score the odd half. Chilton fielded superbly and Blake were defeated 12.5-2.5.


The second game was against Haygrove, our girls heard them say 'we have to beat our rivals' which fired them up. We were connecting with the ball, but Haygrove were fast in getting to the ball in the field and prevented us from scoring too many in the first half. Our big hits got more frequent in the second half and we scored 3 good rounders and one from a fielding mistake, 4 sneaky halves were scored too, taking our score to a very respectable 6.

Haygrove also scored 3 rounders from huge hits but the girls fielded really well and kept Haygrove to a few halves scattered throughout the game. Ball 19 saw the final rounder from Haygrove which meant they won 7-6. The girls were really disappointed but know where they went wrong and are determined not to let it happen against Haygrove again.


The final game was against King Alfreds. The girls were a bit low after the Haygrove defeat and took ages to start scoring. They scored 4 rounders from huge hits and 5 halves, including half for obstruction. (6.5)

King Alfs struggled to hit the balls being fired at them and made mistakes running, so we were able to stump them out. They only managed 2.5 rounders.


The girls were a delight to take again, despite NOT SHARING ANY SWEETS with us! They are really gelling as a team and working hard to remember skills and tactics learned in lessons and practices

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