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Sports Report - Year 9/10 Cricket

On a warm summers day the Chilton cricket battle ground hosted two armies set for war. Their weapons were sculpted Salix Alba Caerulea, their projectiles was a blood red leather orb and destruction of foe was their goal.

Chilton won the toss and Louis opted to bat, this was mainly because M Dare neglected to remember he had an appointment at the hair dresser (we hoped he'd get back to field). B Date and K Dyer opened the batting with a strong batting partnership, picking up steady runs in the opening overs. Gaining confidence K Dyer stepped into the oncoming bowls more and was rewarded with a near 6 but a 4 none the less. However, was bowled to balls later. A Attwood stepped in as 3rd batsman but was unlucky early on when a ball crept through his guard. Our 4th batsman was L Rawle who played knocked a 4 on his second ball, he was then kept at bay from some good bowling with even an unsuccessful call for LBW and then finally a successful LBW. B Date was next to go after a good innings bowled and caught. Enter a partnership between of J Garner and D White and the lads pushed for the singles in the dwindling overs. Our pushing for the runs saw D White bowled leaving A Lock and J Garner to finish the innings. We did have the added bonus of 22 wides and no balls gifted to us from Brymore which assisted our final total.

15 Overs - 75 runs

Brymore entered to bat and began to make stead progress through overs. The Chilton bowlers were having trouble dismissing the opening partnership who were producing a higher run ratio per over. The partnership could have ended a lot sooner but the edges were not falling into our hands, they had racked up worrying 33 runs between them before A Lock took the first wicket, after that point wickets began more readily. In Archie's second over he took three wickets which dented Brymore heavily. Both L Rawle and A Date took 2 wickets a piece in one over each which halted their progress for a number of overs and Brymore fell short of their 76 target.

15 overs - 62 runs

Our next game is home against Haygrove on June 8th (TBC), this will be the decider the league title.

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