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Sports Report - Year 9 Rounders

Tonight the year 9 rounders team went to Haygrove for their first tournament of the season. We have had huge numbers at rounders practice so it was really difficult to choose just 9 players, so 14 girls were in tonights squad.  Haygrove won the toss and chose to field first which suited us just fine as that is our tactic to bat first. Alice and Ferne were out on the first two balls which didn't look promising, but Jazz smashed a fantastic rounder on ball three, and another half was scored on ball four, shocking Haygrove into action. Their bowler has improved since last season and Chilton found connecting with the ball difficult, and the scoring dried up until ball 16. Haygrove made several fielding mistakes which enabled us to score two rounders and two halves. Total 4.5.

Haygrove had to chase a fairly low score, but we know from experience that when they get close to our score we sometimes panic and make mistakes. Morgan bowled at warp speed with a recovering broken finger and bowled and caught their first (and usually fairly useful) batter,' to immediately put Haygrove on the back foot. There was no great excitement in Haygroves batting and Morgan again bowled and caught on ball 6. They scored a sneaky half, then picked up their scoring during the last part of the innings, scoring 3 from four balls. I started to get a bit nervous while umpiring, but the girls kept their heads and calmly prevented any score from the last 3 balls. Final score, Chilton 4.5 - Haygrove 3.5. Whoop Whoop!

Haygrove had two teams tonight, so our second game was against their B team. Chilton batted superbly, finding spaces in the field and taking chances with Haygrove's slightly slower fielding and racked up half rounders. 5 whole rounders were scored on top of that, ending the innings 8.5

Junior Cadmore batted first for Haygrove, almost killing me in the process, belting the ball into the right field and completely surprising Chilton's fielders, scoring a fantastic rounder off the first ball. Chilton decided they needed to buck their ideas up if this was a sign of things to come. Haygrove scored a couple more corkers and sneaked some halves, taking their score to 5.5. A lovely friendly game played in good spirits. score Chilton 8.5 - Haygrove 5.5

Game three was against King Alfreds, these games are always really friendly but hotly contested. The girls just got on with it, without much intervention from me, making sensible decisions in their running and smashing the ball all over the field. KAS didn't give up and managed to get 5 of our players out.

KAS came into bat but Morgan's powerful and accurate bowling prevented much bat on ball contact, but gave Jess at backstop a few bruises on her shins. KAS only managed one whole rounder through a fielding mistake by us and four halves. Final score Chilton 4.5 - KAS 3. Hooray!

A lovely evening spent with the girls. It makes what we do all worth it when they represent the school so well and demonstrate what they've been taught in such a fantastic way.

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