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Sports Report - Year 9 and 10 Cricket Against Blake

Yesterday saw the beginning of what will look to be an entertaining season. Our opening game this year was against Blake. Having lost to Blake by the narrowest of margins last year our squad were in a winning mind set, feeling they could beat them this time round.

Leading the team was none other than L Rawle (VENUS), an experienced, professional yet a relaxed he captain organised some keen and not so keen faces into their fielding positions ready to chase down the Blake opening batsman.

Our bowling team were put under pressure in the early on seeing the visitors score 20 runs in the first 3 overs. However, a splendid off spinner bowl from K Dyer forced their lead batter to catch the edge and was caught by a late replacement 'Steady Eddie' M Dare. K Dyer went on to take 2 more wicket later on as the visitors could not catch their rhythm. L Rawle steady bowling locked down the further batter with only one run scored in his three overs. Clean pin point bowling from A Attwood resulted in 2 wickets. Date and Dyer's sharp lightening reactions plucked 2 more catches from the air, making Blake's batter topple like dominos. We also were entertained to a rare moment when L Clark (Yes, the very same Jupiter student) leaped for a one handed diving catch. He missed the ball by millimetres but with the aerial grace seen only in finest ballet performance.

Visitors 39 for 9

With an achievable target, B Date and A Lock opened the batting. Playing it safe they looked only for the best of openings to make their moves. However, after making seven runs B Date was bowled and caught off an edge. Enter A Attwood, who began to strike far and wide racking up more runs for the team, with twenty runs after three overs. A Attwood fell in the 4th over but with the addition of a number of wide balls to our score our target was in sight. Our fourth batter to the crease was L Rawle who smash a four for his opening strike, he was later dismissed after catching the edge, but between J Garner and A Attwood we reached the forty in the seventh over (six overs and eight wickets to spare).


Well done to the team, but particularly the bowlers L Rawle (c), B Date, A Attwood, J Garner and K Dyer with only one no ball in 15 overs.

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