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Sports Report - Yr 8 Boys Hockey Finals

The yr 8 boys had their turn at the Somerset Winter games hockey finals at the lovely venue of KIngs Coll, Taunton This morning.  The weather wasn't so lovely and Mrs Hedaux was astounded at the lack of warm clothing the boys thought to bring. However despite the sleet and  rain the cold did not factor at all.  The boys are a novice team-footballers and rugby players who have shown talent in hockey too, so the tournament was not going to be easy especially as the last training game had seen a significant loss to Haygrove.  The boys were positive and listened well and set up determined to keep a tight defence and use their speed on the break.  game 1 saw us face Fairlands -usually  a renowned 'hockey' school. The boys used the game to get used to the Kings college surface and to develop their delicate stick skills. They had most possession and strikes on goal. The pace of hit required was not yet honed and a few mis hits and off target shots meant the game remained 0-0 until the last second of the game. As the umpire was whistling for time the only shot Fairlands had in the second half hit the backboard.  The fairlands teachers were embaressed to claim the win. 1-0 loss.

game 2 v Sexeys started in much the same vein. Harrison Hambly now growing confidence pounced on a loose ball in the first min and scored . Sexeys became unstuck and the combinations of Jacob Gingell, Billy Cresswell and Harrison allowed Billy to pop in goal 2.  Lewis Jennings  and Nathan Howes fought hard in Midfield but a rare foray of Sexeys into their attack near the end of the game saw them score 2-1.  This spurred on the boys and soon Harrison had cleverly linked to pull the trigger on a great strike to score  3-1  Win!

game 3 was the local grudge match v Haygrove .  Chilton were determined and here Alfie Otley in goal was worth his weight in gold.  A couple of quick shots that managed to sneak through the awesome defending duo of Josh Clist and Vince Marsh were easily kicked away.  Some Haygrove boys play hockey as their main spoort with Bridgwater Hockey club and it was evident .their speed of reactions to umpiring decisions just gave them a slight advantage.  2-0 came after the midfield faltered at the whistle.Chilton don't like being beaten by Haygrove and soon Jacob had intercepted a Hay hit out and with clever interplay with Harrison scored a great goal. Harrison would not let the team rest despite the clock ticking down.  However it was not to be.  Haygrove had won but they knew they had been in a game and their celebration showed that.

game 4 v Heathfield was an end to end affair, the defence clearing the lines and then the attack being thwarted in the opposition D.  A nailbiting penalty corner was awarded as Alfie managed to kick off his own goalkeepers boot which landed as an obstruction in the D.  Luckily the boys now looking well drilled easily cleared the ball out of the circle to keep the 0-0 score line.

Game 5 - v Holyrood was also a tight game . Vince and Josh again were brilliant making sound tackles and setting the attack into play.   This time it was Chilton's turn to benefit from a last minute goal as Harrison who had been instrumental in collecting the ball and feeding it cleverly behind the defence decided to take the strike himself. 1-0

w-2 D1 L2  meant we finished Joint 3rd on points but 4th on goal difference by 1 goal!! so just missed out on bringing home medals 😞


However the boys were amazing and this performance bodes well for Boys hockey at Chilton in the future.!!  they are looking forward to a rematch against Haygrove who turned out the overall winners.

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