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Sports Report - Yr 8 Girls Hockey

The excited squad assembled in school before 8am as Mrs Hedaux scraped the frost from the minibuses and organised the sticks and goalkeeping kit.  With the temperature below freezing but rising slowly it was touch and go as to whether the finals would go ahead. After a poetically pretty drive over the Levels we arrived at Millfield to white frost-covered pitches. Soon the sun melted the surface and the hockey fun started.  Chilton yr 8s first played v Holyrood. It was a tightly contested game with Chilton having all the possession but unable to capitalise in the attacking D. The Chilton girls worked hard but gave away a soft penalty corner from which Holyrood's strong attacker scored a great goal.  1-0 loss

The second game saw a goal scored in minutes as Alice Pittey drove strongly into the D and fern Hill managed to bundle the ball past the Castle keeper-excitement all round as we thought this would be our strongest opposition.  the workrate was great particularly moving into attack- Jazz forsey combining with Lauren hill well and Angeline and Jess W causing all sorts of trouble in midfield.  a strong set of passes from Castle saw the ball pop just past Morgan ( our Player of  tournament) in goal. The girls were not downhearted and continued to fight hard but in the last minute a lapse saw Castle shove the ball into goal -another loss 2-1 😞

The final game was against sexeys past winners of the competition and the girls went in hopeful of a win.. again the girls went 1-0 up within minutes after a strong start from Alice/Jazz and again popped in the narrowest of gaps between the keeper and post by Fern -the goal poacher.  Excitement again saw the girls energised on a very cold day -Alice was fighting hard, Alisha , Amy and Tiffany made amazing tackles growing in 'hockey' understanding and Morgan continued to be a force in goal But then... the girls suddenly tired and the Sexeys team just ponced on any tiny error and capitalised almost every time they got into the attacking circle. 2-1/3-1/4-1  . despite rallying and never giving up the final score finished at 6-1.  this left the girls disappointed but when it was pointed out they were 4th school in the county( at least 18 schools had started in the competition spirits were lifted.

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