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Year 7 Disco - Highlights

100 students from Year 7 tired themselves out in a frantic, energetic, and moves busting disco. If I’m honest the “Why did I do this?” thought crossed my mind more than once in the first hour. But once the students have found their groove to the mashups offered by DJ Clarkey, the evening was thoroughly enjoyable, and left a lovely smile on my face.

The 10 staff that hosted this disco were boosted by the enthusiastic support of some amazing year 9 girls. The only criticism I have of these girls was that while I was successfully learning a new skill for my CV, and gradually getting to grips with a rather complicated mop, a voice over my shoulder asked “do you want us to do that sir?” The look of empathy in their faces for my troubles will haunt me for a long time. Sadly, and reluctantly I conceded that it was in deed better to let them take over mop duty :(

We had some interesting highlights, especially in the “Mr Farkas Party Games” section of the night. Musical statues went down well, and to be fair most students recognised good judging where applicable and calmly stepped out. Towards the end there was a fiercely fought battle between one young lady and a gentleman. Neither let up, despite the best ‘putting off’ attempts of Mr Pickering – so they both won – Congrats goes to Erin and Max.

My highlight of the night came when we played ‘limbo’. Beautifully chosen caribbean music allowed some very flexible students to discover just “how low can you go?” I was worried about the risk assessment when the bar was lowered to 1 meter and we still had a third of the competitors left in the competition (not all took part, but 76 began the competition. so 1 third of 76 is approximately 25, rounded down). The looks on the students faces as they came up to the bar was amazing and one of utter fear. It didn’t stop them though. One by one they tried and failed. Many got very nearly through, only to drop to their knees after doing the hard bit so well. Some simply got ‘stuck’ half way under the bar and went splat on their backs. But up stepped Ryan to limber up and take his mark. Could he do it? Could he be the one to succeed where all others had failed? Tune in again next week for the exciting conclusion of “LIMBO – How Low Can You Go?” (said in true film voice over stylie)… Sorry, that was a little promotion for the Summer Concert based around Music from Film on Tuesday 30th June. The ‘limbo’ answer was of course – YES!!! Our champion, Ryan of the limbo. His skills might just come in handy for the next round of “staff Vs students dodgeball”.

It would be amiss of me not to thank our wonderful staff – Mr Williams, Mrs Hedeaux, Mrs Charlot, Mr Clark, Mr Pickering, Mr Lewis, Mr Farkas, Chilton Friends, and BAM (Donna and Nigel).

Well, thats it for the Year 7 Disco. They were amazing, and I enjoyed every minute – except some of the hair raising first hour – witnessing how our awesome year 7s enjoy themselves socially.

Good job year 7s, until next time…

Mr G Wright.

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