Chilton Trinity School

Art Empowers : Child Exploitation

Pupils have been working in collaboration with Dr Alinka Gearon, University of Bath and Escapeline, a local charity, on a project to prevent child exploitation. Pupils painted a large mural on the dangers of exploitation and County Lines which is on display at school. The artwork is making an impact by raising awareness and has won an award for partnership work in Images of Research 2022 competition!

The project also listened to parents views on what can be done to prevent child exploitation and a film was made. Watch it here.....


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Pupils are presenting this film at school and senior people involved in anti trafficking work, to promote the views of young people and parents on what needs to change to address this issue. If you have any concerns about child exploitation contact Escapeline or the school"s Designated Safeguarding Lead. 


Dr Alinka Gearon