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Design and Technology / Hospitality Catering


Design Technology students are ambitious, creative, critical, and analytical.  

Design and Technology is the combination of cooking and nutrition with Design and Technology. This subject is the practical application of a plethora of disciplines including Maths, Science, Geography, History and RS. Students will learn to apply their understanding of these subjects through real world scenarios, to fully evaluate the positive and negative impact of humans on our planet, how we develop as a global society and the impact of our designed world.

All students will have the opportunity, through a well-designed and resourced curriculum, to become creative, analytical and critical designers, confident fabricators using a range of food commodities, papers and boards, fabrics, timbers, metals, polymers and emerging technologies.

At the core of this discipline, is their practical ability. We will create well rounded students, who, with confidence and a sound understanding in the application of health and safety, can access all manufacturing facilities within this vast subject in order to develop their life skills outside of education, to maintain and improve their surroundings as well as preparing healthy and nutritionally balanced meals.

They will develop an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of materials and ingredients, particularly their properties and working characteristics. Moral, social, religious and environmental issues, the history of our Designed culture and industrial manufacturing techniques, all of which culminate in their ability to assess the impact these have on both the natural environment and our global society.

Students will feel the value of working hard and dedication, to achieve ambitious outcomes and plan to make progress in Design and Technology related explorations while learning to value failure as a stepping stone to success. Whether this is through practical outcomes, design development, modelling or testing or analysis.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 we deliver Design and Technology & Food and Nutrition for one hour a week. The focus of KS3, is Health and Safety, learning how to confidently use a wide variety of tools, equipment, and processes to create practical outcomes of high quality. Alongside this, we learn about materials, ingredients and their working properties, their sources, and the impact on the environment.

Our topics at KS3 in Design and Technology cover Health and safety, timbers, fabrics, graphic design, drawing and presentation skills, metals and polymers, electronics as well as forces and structures.

Our topics in KS3 Food and Nutrition are Food safety and hygiene, as well as a broad range of preparation and cooking techniques.  

Key Stage 4

At KS4 we offer the AQA Design and Technology GCSE and WJEC Hospitality and Catering. We explore the Hospitality and Catering industry in detail, to include job requirements and working conditions, operational activities, customer needs, personal and workplace hygiene encompassing causes of ill health and food safety legislation. Through practical activity, we develop knowledge of nutrition, menu planning, commodities utilising a wide range of preparation and cooking techniques. The current qualification we offer for GCSE level is 60% coursework and 40% exam 

Design and Technology covers a broad range of technical skills and theory at KS4. We begin with approaches to Design, design history and influential designers, followed by new and emerging technologies, materials, equipment and processes, Energy generation and mechanisms. We look in depth at social, moral, sustainability and cultural issues effecting Design at an industrial manufacturing level. All these topics are covered with both theory and practical activities. 

To prepare students for their coursework, we deliver a mock coursework piece towards the end of year 10, where they work with a client to research, design, model and develop a prototype to solve a real-world problem.

Year 11 embeds this understanding at a deeper level whilst addressing their real coursework piece, working with a real client to identify and solve a real problem to a given context. Independence is crucial for this piece of work, which continues for most of the year 11.  The current qualification we offer is 50% coursework and 50% exam.

Extra Curricular

Year 11 catch up clubs in D&T

Cookery master classes aimed at year 11

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