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In studying Geography at Chilton you will gain a deep locational knowledge alongside a sense of space and place. You will start to ‘think like a Geographer’ and not to see our subject as a set of standalone topics, but one that is interconnected and sewn together in its entirety. Interweaved throughout our curriculum will be the following concepts: Enquiry, Geographical Skills and Fieldwork, Sustainable Development, and Human and Physical Processes. These key concepts underpin all of our lessons and from them you will gain a deep understanding of how the world works. Encouraging you to be inquisitive and to question the norm.

Key Stage 3


Unit 1



Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
7 My Place ‘Why is my place important?’ Weather and climate change ‘Is our weather getting worse?’ Sustainability and me ‘Do I live sustainably?’

Changing places in the UK

‘Is life different in a city?’
UK Physical landscapes ‘Can rivers flow uphill?’ Coasts fieldwork ‘Will our homes fall in the sea?’
8 Our Living World ' How does our world look different?' Focus on Africa ' How do we know Africa is not a country?' Our Unequal World ' How do people live differently to us?' Our tectonic World 'Why is the world like it is?' Our Natural Disasters ' How natural disasters continue to change our World?' Population and resources 'Is there enough resources to feed the planet?'
9 Cardiff Bay fieldwork 'Is regeneration always a success?'


'Is our world shrinking?

Global Issues ' How are we affecting our world?' Urbanisation and China ' Are cities just too big?' Life in Rio ' Are Rio's poor being neglected? The worlds hottest places ' Why are deserts growing?'

Pupils are assessed with a mid term assessment (this may be an exam question, a set of questions, a fieldwork enquiry or a written piece of work) combined with a 50 mark end of Unit low stakes assessment.


Key Stage 4

Year Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5  Unit 6
10 Living Worlds Hazards Flooding and Rivers Climate change and Coasts Coasts Fieldwork and Bristol Sustainability and Bristol Fieldwork

The Development Gap with Jamaica DME

(recap Rio and megacities)

Resources, plus DME and Nigeria UK changing Economy Revision DME

Pupils are assessed with a Short mid term assessment. This is mainly short answer GCSE questions and will consist roughly between 12-15 marks. They will also have End of Unit Assessments that are normally 33 marks.

Extra Curricular

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Residential visit to Plas Pencelli

International visit to Sicily

Fieldwork in KS3 to Cardiff Bay and a Coastal Visit

GCSE Fieldwork to Lyme Regis and Bristol


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Support Available

Period 6 (afterschool revision) January-May (y11)

Period 6 (afterschool revision) May-July (y10)