Chilton Trinity School



Music is the perfect vehicle to help develop confident young people ready to face the challenges that await them.

Music lessons are to be musical. Our journey - To become a musician.

There are 3 core ambitions we have for Music learning at Chilton Trinity School:

  1. To Love music and musical learning;
  2. To become a more confident musician;
  3. To deliberately focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through musical participation.

Learning Music at CTS is more than just an ability to play an instrument. Students should have the opportunity to develop their voice in terms of self-expression, self-awareness, curiosity, creativity, collaborators, and community members.

We believe that by focusing on SEL through music we can help grow our students into confident, self-reliant, self-regulatory, and problem solving learners. Music is a learning activity that uniquely allows students to practice the social, and employment skills they will later rely on after their time in education.

All students will have the opportunities to learn musicianship skills in the context of a variety of instrumental disciplines. They will develop a love of music and musical learning. They will understand the challenges a musician faces, collaborate and problem solve like a musician.

All students will be encouraged to explore their musical 'voice' to help them develop their musical literacy through musical performance, as-well-as developing their creative thinking skills.

Students will feel the value of working hard to achieve, and plan to make progress, in musical explorations, whether this is through musical performance, composition, or ensemble skills. Students will learn to set themselves ambitious challenges appropriate to their starting point. There will be times within any musician’s journey where frustration sets in. A quality musician will analyse their progress, problem solve, and work through solutions to make further progress.

Students will learn to understand the wide-ranging careers and skills within the Music Industry to realise career pathways available to them.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Extra Curricular

Instrumental tuition opportunities include:

Keyboard / Piano; Singing; Drums; Guitar / Ukulele / Bass

Useful Links - To request information about instrumental tuition.

Support Available

Plenty of video tutorials to help support learning;

Articles and website links to further dive into the world of music;

All learning material is available in the student Music area via Microsoft Teams.