Chilton Trinity School

Summer School

Funding was offered by DFE as £59.70 per Year 6 pupil attending per day. The Summer School was arranged for one week only starting the first week of the school holiday. Actual attendance was 42,42,43,41,39 pupils from Monday to Friday, hence total due is 207 x £59.70 = £12,357.90

Summer School spending totalled to £12,238.50 . This was made of £9906.75 on staffing, since a few pupils required 1:1 or the help of an assistant in lessons. Other expenses were basic resources for stationery, food for catering activity, equipment for experiments, prizes and photocopying. The use of building expense was mainly drawn from the main school budget.

Pupils were invited from all   Primary schools. 43 pupils were allocated the 42 places for each day. However between 43 to 39 attended with a few not attending at very short notice.

Activities included 1.5 hours of maths and 1.5 hours of English each morning. Art and craft, Sport, Science or a Catering activity were completed each afternoon. Special activities included an introduction to orienteering and learning animal husbandry by meeting some local sheep. This Summer school was enjoyed by all and appeared to have a significant effect on the confidence of those Year 6 pupils starting in September.