Chilton Trinity School

House System

Pastoral Care - Our House System

The aim of the pastoral system is to ensure that each individual student is helped to develop educationally and socially throughout his or her secondary career in order to achieve the highest standards possible in all aspects of school life.

Upon entry into the school, all students are placed in one of four Houses, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune or Venus.

Each house is led by a Head of House from the teaching staff. The Head of House works to ensure the academic and social needs of every student are met.

Jupiter Mr C Pickering
Mars Ms R Downer
Neptune Miss O Clark
Venus Mr P Cadmore

 Students very quickly adopt a great allegiance to their House and become extremely competitive!

The house System provides a basis for Inter-House competition such as sport, quizzes, public speaking and a wide range of other activities. Students can also contribute to the success of their House by gaining individual House points and Community points. All competitions contribute to the overall Croad Trophy which is awarded3 times a year to the winning House.

Involvement in a House provides a valuable opportunity for staff and students to develop even more positive relationships which, in turn, impact positively in the classroom.

The sense of corporate house identity is reinforced by students wearing House ties.