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House Leader

Mr C Pickering



“I like the sense of ‘family’ spirit and that we all support one another. Everyone gets involved in what needs to be done. Also, the House staff are amazing. Jupiter consistently tries and works hard at everything possible.” - Year 10 Student

Here in Jupiter House we believe that all of our wonderful students respect one another and aspire to be the best. We are loud, proud and draw the biggest crowd! Each Jupiterian possesses a special skill or talent and the House Leaders and fantastic tutors encourage each and everyone to succeed. Go Jupiter!

As the leaders of Jupiter House, Mr Pickering, alongside the Tutors, pride ourselves in ensuring that students feel safe and happy in school and do our best to instil a sense of pride in all, so that they leave as a mature young adults thirsty for what the learning journey that is life, will throw at them. We strive to get to know each and every one of our fantastic students and as they progress through the years, these relationships for learning grow ever stronger.

Jupiter encourages every student to do their very best and we believe wholeheartedly that each student is unique, special and possesses the ability to succeed. We celebrate our students many achievements, accomplishments and successes. We also encourage our young people to take responsibility for their actions and adopt a firm, yet fair approach in order to help students to ‘get it right’ when they might be finding things challenging. We know that students will face obstacles during their time with us and it is through a supportive pastoral programme of support that we hope to guide them through the different challenges that our students may face.

"Jupiter is a really supportive team that works well together; we have a great attitude and are always willing to support each other, especially in House events. We are there for each other and that is why our team works so well. We have a wide range of talents and that's what makes us so special!"

We adopt a firm yet fair approach, encouraging students to aspect responsibility for their actions, using restorative approaches to repair any damage or harm that may have been caused when students have fall outs. We flood students with praise too and seek to reward students in many ways, using the school core values and philosophy to guide students throughout their journey here at Chilton Trinity.

Jupiter has always been a strong contender of the Croad Trophy and has been ahead of the other Houses throughout this year, as always, it will come down to the results of Sports Day, which will determine the final winning House.  We were winners last in 2016 and have worked hard to encourage students to become  involved in the House system. We often have a good turnout at House events and are known for encouraging all students, regardless of House, to succeed.

Student House Leaders are helping to drive the House system forward and we are excited about the larger role they will take in September 2017, as we continue to develop and grow.

We love getting to know our young people and use tracking methods throughout the year to monitor their data and put in place in interventions where required. Furthermore, we use the mentoring programme to support students which has proven to provide excellent provision for our young people.

We encourage students to become actively involved with school life and hope that each student will leave us as a happy, lifelong learner ready for the journey that lies ahead.

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