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Applied Learning

“Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Give a person a fishing rod, and they can feed themselves for a lifetime.”


We believe:


"Give a person the template to make a fishing rod, and they can feed their community; teach a person to think creatively, to apply accumulated knowledge to solve problems, to work effectively with other people and to manage their own personal development, and they will create an innovative and sustainable food production for their community and for generations to come. They may even, one day, sell fish back to you!”

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) Level 1/2

Examination Board and Syllabus No: ASDAN



The certificate of personal effectiveness (CoPE) is a nationally recognised qualification; this qualification offers imaginative ways of accrediting young people’s activities.

CoPE promotes and allows the recording of a wide range of personal qualities, abilities and achievements of young people as well as introducing them to a range of new activities and challenges. 

Some activities require a certain level of individual maturity, responsibility and self-discipline from all participants.

Course Outline

You have twelve options to choose from. (Please see front of CoPE booklet). Modules are split into sections either A, B or C.

To gain a Level 1 qualification you must complete 12 credits within sections A, B or C and to gain a Level 2 qualification you must complete at least six credits from section B or C. You also need to achieve the Six core skills which are:

  • Improve Own Learning and Performance
  • Working With Others
  • Problem Solving
  • Research
  • Presentation
  • Discussion

The CoPE qualification comprises of 12 different modules such as:

  • Citizenship and Community
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Independent living
  • Expressive arts

The students will be guided as they work their way through the varied challenges to achieve the required amount of credits. The majority of evidence gathered in KS3 can be utilised and mapped into the CoPE qualification.

Other Skills They Will Develop

Students will also have the opportunity to develop their skills in research, presentation and discussion, and as part of the CoPE students cover three specific areas, these being the following:

Improve own learning and performance enables students to develop their independence and be more self-motivated in their learning. They will learn the importance of targets, action points and tackling tasks within a given timescale and how to critically reflect.

Problem solving students will gain knowledge and experience in how to recognise problems, create possible solutions and then attempt to solve them; a skill very much sort after in the solution focused environments we work.

Working with others is a critical skill; developing effective team working ethics is an essential ingredient to a successful team. Learning therefore, how to work in collaboration to achieve a shared objective not only within their peer group but with outside organisations is an invaluable asset to any young person.


Mrs S. Hancock   
Team Leader

Mrs J. Bennett   
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs E. Parish

Speech and Language

Assessment Details

An individual portfolio of evidence will be built to demonstrate student competence comprising of a variety of written, photographic and filmed materials to meet the qualification standards. 

How Will Students Learn?

All students are individually assessed to determine their preferred learning style; the findings of this assessment in conjunction with their learning needs are used to inform the teaching. The curriculum is designed to meet the learning needs of all individuals to engage and stretch their abilities.

Equipment Needed

Students must come prepared with a full pencil case and a willingness to learn even in situations that move them out of their comfort zones.

Useful Publications/Websites

How can you support your son/daughter’s progress?

Please ensure all forms that are sent home are fully completed with all information required, signed and returned on time in order for the school to process Health and Safety information effectively.

Possible Option Routes

CoPE is a nationally recognised qualification that equips students for either entering the world of work, further education or apprenticeships.


KS4 YR10

Equipment Needed


KS4 YR11

Course Outline

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