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MyChildAtSchool (MCAS)

My Child At School

An essential part of our work together involves forming a strong partnership between students, home and school so that we can best support your child. A key aspect of this partnership is regular communication. We are using MyChildAtSchool (MCAS), which is an online system, accessed either as a website via or by downloading the App for iOS and Android devices

MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) is our main method of communication to parents/carers, used for letters, announcements, student reports, timetables and our academic calendar, and other additions in the future. 

Self Sign Up

Go to

Click on the Sign Up link in the Parent Login screen

Enter the school’s Postcode (TA6 3JA)

Select Chilton Trinity from the list in the dropdown

Click Continue

Enter the email address you have given to Chilton Trinity School

Click Sign Up


You will receive an email from MyChildAtSchool with a link to a one time passcode

Click on the link for the one time passcode

Enter the one time passcode

Click Verify

As soon as the one time passcode has been verified, you will be prompted to enter a password
Enter Password
Confirm Password
Click Create Password

Once the password has been created, parents can login from within the web browser and type, or access the MyChildAtSchool mobile phone app




More information and user guides are available here For Parents – Bromcom

School Support

Please email using your contact email, giving as much detail as possible including copies of any error messages.