Chilton Trinity School

Teaching and Learning

Our aim is to ensure:

  1. Ambition, Engagement, Resilience is part of every day school life, where the mantra ‘Work hard and be kind’ are the core values that drive all conversations, decisions and actions within the school.
  2. ‘Maximising Every Minute’ - Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion 2.0 (TLAC) is engrained in the school culture and staff are supported to improve their practice in order to improve outcomes, ensuring there is consistently high standards of teaching across all learning areas.
  3. Students will experience a rigorous academic curriculum that gives genuine life experiences in preparation for adult life and promotes the belief that all students can achieve anything they put their mind to.
  4. All students achieve a positive Progress 8 (P8) and therefore the school achieves a positive P8. Children with SEND make excellent progress according to their individual starting points although they may not make +P8. Close the gap between disadvantaged students and other pupils, and ensure that disadvantaged children do as well as 'others' across all performance areas.  
  5. Further develop the school’s assessment and feedback/marking policies so that students receive and make use of feedback, whilst reducing staff workload.
  6. Student Leadership is prominent in the school and supports skills students will need in their life after leaving school.

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