Chilton Trinity School



 As in all aspects of school life, we expect high standards of our students and this includes how they come dressed to school. Our new uniform has been developed through consultation with students, parents and staff and will help to promote a sense of community and purpose. We believe that if students look smart they are more likely to behave well and to learn to the best of their ability.

General Guidelines

  • Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly marked with your child’s name and tutor group.
  • HAIR STYLES Must be neat and tidy, Extremes of fashion must be avoided. Use of hair dyes to achieve unnatural colours is not permitted.
  • BODY PIERCING For Health and Safety reasons, the school does not permit body piercing (apart from one pair of small stud earrings (one in in each ear). No facial piercings, e.g. Nose studs, tongue studs, retainers, spacer style or spiked earrings allowed (If the above is not adhered to, items will be confiscated)
  • OUTDOOR COATS May be worn as additional items of clothing to and from school. During cold weather, coats must not be worn inside the school building. Hoodies are not allowed (If the above is not adhered to, items will be confiscated).
  • Coloured t-shirts are not allowed under shirts
  • No excessive makeup
  • Nail varnish – Neutral colour no Acrylics
  • No jewellery other than one pair of small stud earrings (one in in each ear).

(If the above is not adhered to, items will be confiscated).

Please Note: During the very warm weather students will be notified of ”Shirt Sleeve order” when blazers and ties can be removed.

School Uniform

UNIFORM: All Year Groups

Blazer Navy with the Chilton Trinity School logo embroidered on left breast pocket
Tie Clip-on with House colour
Tank-Top Navy, V-neck with light blue (Optional)
Shirt Light blue (long or short sleeved) with collar. Top button must be fastened 
Skirt Plain mid grey pleated skirt, no more than 10cm above knee (No bodycon, tube or lycra)
Trousers Plain mid grey tailored trousers (No jeans, leggings jeggings, or pockets on legs, very narrow or very wide bottomed trousers. (Belts must be plain black)
Socks/Tights Plain black, grey or navy
Shoes Plain black of a suitable design (No trainers, canvas shoes or boots, no platform shoes, heels or ‘open’ sandals

PE KIT: All Year Groups

  • Navy Polo shirt with yellow stripe
  • Long sleeved rugby shirt or hoody (school hoody only)
  • Shorts for girls (skirts with shorts underneath)
  • Black shorts for boys
  • Jogging bottoms (plain black or navy only!)
  • Rugby or hockey socks
  • Appropriate footwear.

All uniform items will be available from Goldstar Uniforms, 29 Eastover, Bridgwater, TA6 5AW and certain items are available from chain stores and local supermarkets, but please check the uniform specifications above for items that are acceptable.