Chilton Trinity School

Pupil Premium

The Department for Education introduced the Pupil Premium in April 2011. The Pupil Premium is additional funding provided to enhance the education of students entitled to free school meals, those who have ever been entitled to free school meals over the last 6 years, adopted or children looked after or children of parents in the armed forces/services. For the year academic year 2023/24 we will receive £1035 for each student who is eligible. This extra money could make a real difference to the quality of education we offer.

For example, at Chilton Trinity School, we’ve previously used Pupil Premium funding for:

Educational provision/resources

Academic interventions

Social and Emotional interventions

Summer School for our current Year 7, 8 and 9 Students.

Careers Advice and Guidance

Enrichment Opportunities


For more information about the Pupil Premium please follow this link:

To find out if you are eligible for this funding and to apply for Free School Meals through Somerset County Council, please see the letter that was sent out to Parents in September 2023: Click HERE

To see how we intend to spend the funding please follow the link to see our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023-2024. Click HERE