Chilton Trinity School

School Menu

BAM FM offer an extensive range of food options using many fresh ingredients, prepared by skilled staff at each  of the  school break periods, providing all students with an opportunity to meet their nutritional needs and maintain the energy levels needed to learn and achieve. Our offer includes;

  • a selection of three complete two course lunch meals, provided over a three Week rotation
  • jacket potatoes, pasta dishes and Panini
  • salad meals, sandwiches, baguettes  and wraps
  • “grab & go” fruit, vegetable, salad and pasta pots
  • juices, milk and water based drinks 

In addition, BAM FM offer a number of “meal deal” and “healthy combination” options, along with country and curriculum theme based special menu days to create  a continued interest in the food service.

To pay for school meals online please click HERE.

1110 bam fm somerset catering autumn 2023 menu v2 .pdf

pricelist mealdeals 22 23.pdf

pricelist deli 22 23.pdf

pricelist snacksdrinks 22 23.pdf

GFDF Autumn Winter Allergens 2023

Autumn Winter Allergens 2023