Chilton Trinity School

Help and Support

Help in school

There is lots of help and support available for you in school. Pop along to the House office to find out more, or just come for a chat.

You can talk to your tutor, your Head of House or any member of staff. We are all here to help you;

you are never alone.

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Empowering children and young people to find the right wellbeing support at the right time.


National drive to protect victims of child abuse

Emotion Coaching Part 1

Emotion Coaching Part 2

Support for children and parents

Phone App Resource List





Exam Stress

 Staying Safe Online






What's Worrying You





 Stand Against Racism






OCD and Mental Health

Anxiety and Depression





 Panic Attacks

You and Your Body





Your Feelings

Friends And Relationships





Social Media Addiction

Staying Safe Online





LGBTTQQIAAP Explained - ‘2BU'

Building Self-Esteem and Confidence





Where to Seek Help

Gaming Safely





Guidelines on Online Self Management

Sexual Health