Chilton Trinity School

Keeping You Safe At School

Here at Chilton Trinity School we want you to feel safe and that you can talk to people about any problems or issues that you may be facing. In order to keep you safe we do the following:

  • We have a Child Protection and Safeguarding policy that explains to staff what they must do if they think any young person is at risk.
  • We check all staff and volunteers before they come into school to assess their suitability to work with young people.
  • We have a large Safeguarding team that are identified on posters in each classroom and by the pink lanyards that they wear.
  • Our House system allows you to discuss issues with your Tutor group/Tutor/ Head of House/Pastoral Support Officer.
  • We have an on-site Counsellor; you can refer yourself or ask to be referred.
  • We are an MHST school which works closely with the Mental Health Support Team who have trained a team of student well-being champions.
  • We work closely with a counselling charity called ‘In Charlie’s Memory’ who support students with their mental health.
  • We encourage all of you to tell someone if or when something is troubling you.
  • We encourage you to keep safe; through our Personal Development Programme, including Enrichment Days, Assemblies and Tutor/DEAR times.
  • All our trips and visits are checked (Risk Assessed) to see if they are safe before they are offered to you.
  • We work with your parents and carers to keep you safe, often working with many different agencies, e.g. Police and Social Workers.
  • We are able to do referrals to the Schools Nursing Team if you have any concerns about your health.


If you are worried about anything we encourage you to use the ‘Worry Flowchart’ (see below) which will help guide you on what to do.

The Worry Flow Chart

The Worry Flow Chart