Chilton Trinity School

Keeping You Safe At School

We do lot of things to try to keep you safe, here are some of them:

  • We have a Child Protection policy that explains to staff what they must do if they think any young person is at risk. 
  • Our House system allows you to discuss issues with your Tutor group/Tutor/ Head of House/Pastoral Support Officer.
  • We have an on-site Counsellor ; you can refer yourself or ask to be referred.
  • We check all staff before they come into school to assess their suitability to work with young people.
  • We encourage all of you to tell someone if or when something is troubling you.
  • We encourage you to keep safe; Tutor Periods, OV and ICT provide you with excellent information and presentations about keeping safe in a variety of situations.
  • All our trips and visits are checked (Risk Assessed) to see if they are safe before they are offered to you.
  • We work with your parents and carers to keep you safe, often working with many different agencies, e.g. Police and Social Workers.
  • The Health Clinic drop-in Teenage Health clinic is available every week in school.


Top Tips for keeping yourself safe:

  • Go places with friends. If you do go alone, make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you will return.
  • If you are worried or frightened about anything, talk to a trusted adult.
  • Take a mobile phone with you. Make sure you have emergency numbers of family and friends.
  • If you are travelling, make sure you have enough money for your return - do not accept money from someone you have not met before.
  • If you go out in the evening, go with friends if you can, and stick to well-lit areas.


Remember - try to find the confidence to tell someone that you are worried - you will not get into trouble.