Chilton Trinity School

Year 11 Careers Information and Guidance

Hi Year 11,

Whilst this is a particularly tricky time for you there are certainly a raft of things you can be doing to make sure you are future ready. 

is free to register and it is really important that you do have a CV, know how to prepare for and behave in an interview setting and also manage finances, all this information is here.
Employability Skills  Now this not only looks at employability skills it also allows you access to a CV builder that can also help to format this document how you want it to look. There are 40 different employability skills sections to look at over a couple of days. 




Job Applications Has a great section some linked to the South West about jobs and how to get one when the time comes. 
60 Second Interviews This is for those of you not quite sure what career sector to aim for, loads of 60 second interviews that may be useful to find out a brief career summary. 

Use TargetJobs Careers Advice for interview questions, techniques and top tips, despite being linked to graduate interviews the hints are useful for all interviews. 

A great post 16 and beyond resource is

The National Careers Service site 

The BBC also have a great

"Post-16: What next?" article


If apprenticeship is the main aim for the future try these sites. there is a huge range of activities and information here. 

A guide to Apprenticeships Find out what it’s like to be an apprentice – the opportunities, benefits and just how far an apprenticeship can take you in the future.


Click Here for 2020 College Admissions & Support 

Bridgwater and Taunton College. 

Strode College 

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Richard Huish 

Weston College 


There is also a work experience online

Work experience enables you to test out a career and build skills and within a competitive jobs market it's essential to securing a job. Internships, work placements and volunteering are great ways to impress employers . Discover more work experience ideas



A brilliant opportunity has just become available in the medical field so if this is the direction you feel you want to follow try this link. Think about all the answers to make you application as good as possible. 


I hope that this helps give information and activities to join in this strange time. 

Take care keep busy and stay safe. 

Mr Cadmore