Chilton Trinity School

School Governors

Chilton Trinity School is looking for Governors

Chilton Trinity School, part of The Clevedon Learning Trust, is inviting people in the community to consider becoming a school governor. If you would like to learn more about Chilton Trinity School Click Here also visit where you will find relevant information on Clevedon Learning Trust.

The most important qualities for being a school governor are time, enthusiasm, commitment and resilience (to deliver the other three!) as well as an enquiring mind. It is great if you have experience of working in a team, making joint decisions on strategy, organisational ethos and financial management. You don’t need experience in the education sector, but you do need an interest in education, the well-being of children and be prepared to hold school leaders to account. The school welcomes interest from a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, seeking to ensure we reflect the community we serve.

 At this time we are particularly looking for governors with experience in the following areas;

Special Educational Needs (SEND)



Teaching & Learning/Curriculum

If you are interested please email the school’s clerk, Ms G Shadrick at
She will be able to answer any questions and send you further information.

Thank you for your interest and your support.