Chilton Trinity School


House Leader - Mr P Cadmore

“It is a nice House because it is like being in a big family” –

Year 9 student


As a House, Venus promotes positive relationships for learning at its very core.  We know and promote the importance of valuing each individual and their achievements.  We know that each of our House members is an individual and we actively nurture each student positively to help them be the best they can be…we look for those magic moments.  

“This year has been very productive, there has been lots of House Events and I’ve enjoyed being part of the team.”- Year 10 student

Our staff and students demonstrate the 3 C’s of Care, Courtesy and Cooperation daily and this has enabled our students to develop successfully not just in their academic studies but also as young people. Our tutor team know and appreciate the importance of mentoring each individual and this has really enhanced our knowledge of our students overall progress and enabled us all to get to know them as young people.

“All the students and staff are supportive, cheerful and helpful and I love getting House Points!” – Year 7 student

By developing our House values along with those of the school, our students are independent young people who are respectful, take responsibility and are compassionate.  When there are issues that need addressing our students know how to get help to resolve a situation and are proactive in doing so. 


“I like our House-we are always winning at house Points, especially my tutor group 8V1” – Year 8 student

We begin working with our students in Year 6 at Primary visits, transition and Induction Day and see them leave in Year 11 with not only great results but also the life skills to succeed even, and most importantly, when facing adversity.  Through our tutor programme and pastoral care, Venus as a House is keen to build aspirations and prepare our students for a full and fruitful life post 16.

“I get on with the staff pretty good, they’ve helped me sort out problems and start feeling proud of myself.” – Year 8 student

Whilst we, as a House,  do not have a strong tradition in recent years of success in the events that feed into the  Croad Trophy, our over whelming House Point victory in the first  year of our refreshed House system shows that our students perform well at all times.  They have a consistently positive approach to learning and school life and this is our foundation to build greater things on.