Chilton Trinity School

YEAR 10 Work Experience

We are delighted to announce the re-introduction of Year 10 Work Experience this year between  3RD – 5TH July 2023. This is an exciting and important week for students as they consider their future career options and the onward journey through their Post 16 options. We hope students find this a really enjoyable and aspirational experience.

We will be expecting that all of Year 10 will complete a work experience placement this year as they start to prepare for the Post 16 choices that they will be making in Year 11. 

Work Experience is important because students can:

• Try out a job/career

• Experience what it is like in the world of work

• Network and meet different people

• Gain practical skills and knowledge

• Find out about how school prepares you for the world of work

• Can sometimes lead to part-time job or an apprenticeship

• Stand out to future employers

• "Try out" a career they think they are interested in pursuing in the future

The following documents will help you when looking for and applying to employers for a work experience placement:

Once you have a placement you must have the following forms completed, signed and returned to M15:






Year 10 Launch Presentation


 1. Work Experience Launch Letter to Parents 

2. Welcome to Work Experience

3. How to find a placement

4. Work Experience Placement Database - To Help with the search of work experience placements

5. Work Experience - Example Email to be sent with CV

6. Work Experience - Example Letter to be sent with CV

7. Employee Introduction Letter

8. Student Information Sheet

9. WEX 1 Agreement Form

10. FAQ's Key Dates and Staff Contact Details for Work Experience